Eating Healthy On a Budget

One of the biggest misconceptions about eating organic food is that it is expensive. At least one time or another by various friends and family, I have been told there’s no way to eat healthy on a budget. The good news is that eating organic food can actually be CHEAPER, than eating processed foods if you follow a few simple steps.

1. Buy your produce in season-
Buying your produce in season not only ensures that what you are eating is fresh, it also gives your wallet a break. Every season, the grocery stores lay out an abundance of certain fruits and or vegetables which are marked down because they are in season. This means that this is the time of the year when farmers grow particular food. It’s all comes down to supply & demand. Don’t remember from accounting class? Neither do I. The point is, if it’s strawberry season in your area you will get strawberries for cheap!

2. Prevention is key: Spend now to save later!
Instead of spending your money on hospital bills because have you gotten sick, take your pocket change and invest in your body. Not only will you feel better, you will also be able to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on medical expenses!!! Think about it, if you eat junk and processed food you’ll feel bad, probably gain or maintain extra weight, get sick and then end up at the doctor’s office. By all means if you like visiting Dr.So & So continue. The moral of the story: spend now & save later!

3.Grow your own food
This may seem tough for some to swallow but you CAN grown your own food no matter where you live! Every climate is optimal for at least 1-2 produce items. Even if you live in a colder climate growing at least some produce will cut down on your grocery bills! Not only that, but you will helping to make our planet greener and healthier. What can be better than fresh organic, pesticide free food??? Some veggies even grow without any maintenance, I’m talking about only watering the plant once a month. If your like I was and have no clue how to start growing food then check out this blog!! You’d be amazed how anyone, with any budget, and no space can start an organic garden!!

4.Buy In Bulk
Buying in bulk gives you larger quantities of food and helps to save money! You can choose whatever size works for you and you’ll also save a trip or two to the grocery store because you already have what you need!!

5.Store Your Food Properly
Tons of food and money is wasted every year because we incorrectly store our food! While fresh is always best, if you must store your food invest in glass containers and freeze your fruits. You can rest assured that your fruits will be kept fresh in the freezer.

What are your tips for eating healthy on a budget?


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